Friday, March 21, 2008

Documentation and Testing

Big changes to the Agent Architecture as of late.  In particular the security infrastructure is getting fleshed out a bit.  It doesn't feel like an afterthought, which is nice.

Unfortunately I'm not getting as much code done as I'd like.  I've spent a lot of time revising the documentation and working out examples.  Writing examples is slow going, as there's a lot to document.  However, I'm committed to it, since the examples are going to become my unit tests.  It's all in the wiki.  I can't seem to access the wiki without logging in, so I probably need to ask somebody when we are opening that part up.

Speaking of unit tests, with a messaging protocol it's absolutely amazing how much infrastructure has to be in place to test some of this stuff.  Some of the original design was really poor for testing against.  Getting a good test environment still eludes me a bit, although I'm getting there.

Erlang packaging is still a little fuzzy for me.  Ezra sent me a link to this exciting Erlang P2P project called Monsoon that's on GitHub.  I've actually learned a bit about packaging an Erlang App from them, so that makes me feel good at least.

Well, back to the grindstone.

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