Monday, March 17, 2008

Entrepot, Docs, Testing, and Collaboration!

So I'm currently doing some work on Entrepôt.  I won't go too into detail, but it's part of our management infrastructure.  It's been my focus for a while.

I took a break tonight to move some of the design docs over to the new wiki.  I'm unsure when it will be available to the public, but I hope it's soon.  I'll be sure to mention it here.

Before I tear back into things too hard, I think I'm going to work on the protocol examples a little more.  If you're familiar with the project, you'll know that's just extensions to XMPP.  At any rate, that shouldn't take too long, but I expect it will be useful for anyone who wants to collaborate.  It'll also be helpful for me, since I really need some more tests once I get a good framework together for testing our XMPP infrastructure.

I'm meeting with some people later this week that may like to help, and that's always nice.

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