Monday, March 17, 2008

Body Shop Open For Business

Well, my old blog is currently under wraps, and I wanted somewhere to document the work we're doing, so I opened this sucker up.  In a perfect world, I may even update it regularly!  We'll just have to see.

We've been doing some exciting design work.  I must admit I was kind of shocked when I found out how much of it we were going to open source.  I mean, every high-minded code-jockey thinks "I'm going to get THIS employer to open source my code." but invariably never gets anywhere.

These guys are different.  Of course, it helps that I helped to found it with Tom and Ezra, but I'm continually surprised how committed that our founders, employees, and even our investors are to opening this stuff up.  Talk about a group of people that really "get it".

That's enough of my sentimental ramblings.  Back into the hole for me...

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