Tuesday, October 14, 2008

News and Photos From The Vertebra Sprint in Omaha

Things are going strong here in Omaha.  We've been focusing on getting Vertebra shored up for the open source release, Real Soon Now(TM).

I've been working on a solid, cross-platform installer script for all of the components.  Kevin Smith and Kirk Haines have all been tearing into the integration testing.  John Hornbeck has been visiting to get more information on the project.  He (and his Vertebra pristine laptop) have been sussing out the system dependencies that we developers take for granted.  Sam has been directing the work and working towards a some good demo material for the upcoming screencast.

All in all, great work.  As an added bonus, I brought my camera.  I've posted a set on Flickr that contains the latest photos.  I may add a few more batches before the end of the sprint.

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