Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Progress and RailsConf 2008 Report

Despite the blog being dead for a while, we've had some pretty exciting developments.

The two new Erlang guys are onboard and by all appearances are coding up a storm.  In particular, Kevin has taken a pretty active role in getting a good RBAC implementation going in Erlang.

Ezra debuted at least the lower portions of his first run at my Vertebra architecture today at the final day of RailsConf.  Looks like it could be a hit.  Probably need to get a mailing list set up.

Edward and Jamie have spent a ton of time rocking on the Express Image, which also was mentioned.  Looks like Jamie is actually going to be spending some time here in the US to get some stuff seriously knocked out.  Tons of progress there.

Last month in Sacramento, Edward and I did some killer work on the networking for the new clustering.  It's not completely hammered out yet, but should be functional soon.  It's amazing how difficult it is to get multicast routing to work correctly given dynamically added/removed interfaces, link aggregation, and the NAT/IPVS stuff going on in front of everything.  Tons of moving parts.  The good news is that it looks like it might be possible to get multicast, link aggregation, and a notable lack of Proxy-ARP (which has been a blessing and a curse).

Finally, looks like Nanite might be beginning to roll, so that's good to see.  I think Jamie and Edward are targeting that for Engineering, post Express.  Need to coordinate all of it.

All in all, a productive month with tons of goodness coming down the pipe.

Note:  Some of the above projects may not be known to various people.  Some are still kind of under wraps.  Just drop me an e-mail and I can help fill in any blanks.

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